Educational Objectives

 Youth who participate in the mobile lab experience will recognize and describe:

  • How research animals are protected by research protocol and cared for as teaching animals.
  • The human nutritional benefits of beef as a source of complete protein.
  • The steps ranchers and livestock producers take from pasture to plate to assure beef is a safe and nutritious food.
  • How agricultural lands in Nebraska are suited for livestock production and the benefits of livestock production to the state economy.


Youth who participate in the mobile lab experience will investigate and recognize:

  • The science of the rumen animal digestive system and the four compartments of the cow’s stomach.
  • The science of plant structure, microfibrils and carbohydrates in cell walls and the role of photosynthesis in carb sequestration.
  • The rumen as a fermentation vat and the amount of bacteria, protozoa and fungi in the cow rumen.